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New Year's Eve Midnight Run at Central Park

| 07:12

I'd heard that Times Square in new year's eve was so crazy that I gave up the idea to celebrate new year 2010 by watching the Toshiba ad. Instead, I registered "New Year's Eve Midnight Run at Central Park".

This running event looked so interesting for me. First, celebrating new year by running is a symbolic action as a runner. Second, it's my first time to run at Central Park at midnight. I was curious how the park looked like late at night. Third, I love stupid things, and this event is just crazy in any sense!

In fact, this experience was just gorgeous. As my friends, one of them joined running, and I counted down, we saw huge fireworks. This fireworks went on for at least half an hour, and I enjoyed it during the race.

It was cold and raining. But I didn't care because I was so happy in the crowds of runners. We said a lot of "happy new year" and showed smiles. When I found out Japanese runners, we said "Akemashite Omedetou!".

My friend told me that this year was gonna be so good. I said, "yes!" (I really hope so...)


yassuuyassuu2010/04/06 21:32夜のセントラルパークもまた素敵ですね。しかし、ニューヨークの深夜は寒そう・・思い出深い、新年イベントになりましたね。