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Too lazy? Not!

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Since the fall semester started, the daily life has been hectic. My school constantly gives us tons of home works. It is rather persistent. In addition, those assignments should be submitted as a group. This means I should save my time not only for reading textbooks and solving problems, but also for group discussions. In this light, it’s been becoming hard to find time for running.

On the other hand, NYC marathon is coming soon. I need to prepare for this exciting full marathon in November. Moreover, Central park in fall shows its beauty as it did in summer.

Although I have to admit that I didn’t keep records of running and cycling, I did run from time to time in this month. Here are my records.

9/18 Central Park running 9km

9/19 Hudson River 20km (cycling)

9/20 Central Park 9km

9/22 Central Park 9km

9/25 Riverside path 10km

9/26 Central Park 18km (cycling)

9/27 Central Park 9km

9/28 Central Park 9km

Besides, I started to go to the school by bicycle (since 9/28).

Not bad, right? But I haven’t run for over 10 km yet. Before the race, I know I need to hit the ground for more than 20 km at one time.

Training is going on forever…

TJTJ2009/10/02 00:08これはこれは失礼いたしました。

yassuuyassuu2009/10/02 08:41We see you're doing good. Your full marathon for many is the amount I would have stopped running.(あなたは頑張っていますね。あなたはフルマラソンのためには多くの量を走らなくてはなりませんね。・・というのを翻訳サイトを使ってみましたが合ってますか?)

gaznakgaznak2009/10/03 05:15to TJ

Yeah, I know I tend to pack too many activities in a day. But I'm rather lazy, easy-going man by nature... So, it's OK:)

To yassuu,

Thank you so much! I think it can be said, 'It's good to know you're doing well. But you need to run a lot in order to run out full marathon'