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Spending hard time for assembling a bike... But after that...

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SInce I've enjoyed riding a bike in 'Car-Free Summer Streets' event, my anxiety for a bike has been growing. Luckily, there is a bike shop near my residence. But, I realized they dealt with so expensive bikes, such as road bikes minimum cost is $600...

Then I tried to find out affordable one in Ebay, and noticed around $200 road bikes. I bought one of them immediately, and wait for a shipment.

Finally, it came to my room and I started assembling it. Though, the seller said you'll just spend 20 minutes on the site, but for me, It took about 3 hours to assemble all the parts and to adjust brakes.

Anyway, I felt moved when I saw my bike assembled well (at least on the surface) , and took it out for riding.

I headed out to Central Park. It's beautiful day. Brakes are much more loose than I intended, but otherwise, it worked well. I have to admit that its ride quality is worse than my Giant bike in Tokyo. But, it was my first time to ride a road bike, and it's actually so nice.

I went round Central Park with my bike. I'm riding the same course of running, but the feeling is so different. I felt more breeze, and enjoy the speed. In addition, going up or down sloping roads were so fun!

I need to adjust brakes beforehand, but next time, I'll go to Riverside Park. I'm excited.

yassuuyassuu2009/09/05 19:44良い自転車が購入できて良かったですね。組み立てもお疲れ様です。私も自転車を人から譲ってもらいました。日本に戻ったら自転車もご一緒しましょう。

gaznakgaznak2009/09/06 01:00My bike is too shabby to adjust lot of parts. I a little bit regret buying so much cheap one... But, of course, please go for cycling with me in Japan!