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Central Park Run 09/02

| 01:52

In response to Jun-kun's request for the pictures of running course, I brought a camera with me today. Today is also a good day. I wore sun glasses.

I had sufficient time, so went to the east first, and then headed to the reservoir. On my way, I kept taking pictures to show how I went around Central Park. You can see the pictures at the following site.


It's so nice to have sunshine and fresh air!

Distance: 9.27km

Average Pace: 5.38/km

TJTJ2009/09/04 00:04初コメ失礼します。

gaznakgaznak2009/09/04 13:53Hey, thanks for your comment! I've been waiting for you!

yassuuyassuu2009/09/04 23:03what a beautiful park!

gaznakgaznak2009/09/05 05:32Let's try together! The goal of NYC marathon is Central Park as well. If you register it next year, you'll surely run at the park!