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Riverside Park Run

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Some of my friends here said that they wanted to read my running diary. It would be inconvenient for my Japanese friends, but I'll write down this diary in English. It is written in so plain English that everyone can read it without difficulty. I'm sorry for a trouble to read it.

Since last Friday, the weather has been so miserable. But, today is fine day. I woke up around 1 p.m. due to my little hangover (I went to a SIPA-CBS party and spent great night with friends yesterday until 3 a.m.).

Sunlight is dizzying me, but it makes me excited. I love the sun in the summer.Usually, I run at Central Park, but I headed out to Riverside Park instead. Riverside Park is also near my residence. After running through a few block, I knew it took 5 minutes to reach the park.

The greens of trees are shining and people are enjoying the last days of summer. I love to see people are chatting or relaxing at a park. It is a very narrow park because it is just along Hudson River. However, it's completely enough for cozy running.

Surprisingly, it took just 30 minutes when I reached Riverside Church. It means, I can go to the school about a half hour on foot. I'm now thinking about going to the school by running.

Anyway, I love summer and running at peaceful afternoon.

yassuuyassuu2009/09/01 00:26英語を勉強することがなくなり10年くらい経つので、全くわかりませんけど、翻訳サイト使いますので、英語で大丈夫ですよ!

gaznakgaznak2009/09/03 01:36So sorry for inconvenience... It's so simple English that you can read my blog easily through translation web sites.



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yassuuyassuu2009/08/28 23:13お久しぶりです。いいですね。セントラルパーク。気持ちよさそうです。先日、メールで頂いたサイトをたどっていったら、国際色豊かな授業中の写真もありましたね。大変そうですが頑張って下さいね!

gaznakgaznak2009/08/31 11:04ありがとうございます!今週から授業が本格的に開始になるのでなんとかやっていきたいと思います〜。